Arcane Militia

AM NEWS - Halloween Chaos

We just played a Halloween special at the legendary Garlic and Shots on Frith Street in Soho.  Just us and a bunch of hardcore fans crammed into the Vampire Bar downstairs.  Totally mental.  Check out photos, facebook and instagram for pics and vids.  Massive thanks to everyone who came along and make it rock.  Especially you Gene Simmons!!! 

AM NEWS - more gigs announced

We're excited to announce more Arcane Militia gigs.  See the 'Tour' page for full details.  Awesome to be playing another 'Symptomatic Presents' evening, and stoked to have main support slot on the metal stage on Saturday night at the legendary Balstock Festival.  

AM NEWS - 24 July 2016 - EP release!!!

Arcane Militia's 'From the Heart EP' is finally available for your listening pleasure.  Head to the 'music' page of the website to hear it first.  Hard copies available soon, as well as downloads.

AM NEWS - 15 July 2016

An awesome night was had at the Lounge 666 on 14 July.  As well as putting on a huge show, AM also had pre-release copies of the new 'From the Heart' EP available for lucky fans who came to the gig. We hope to have some video clips of the show on the site soon.

AM NEWS - 25 May 2016

New photos from Arcane Militia's triumphant return to the stage at Lounge 666 on 16 May 2016!!  Massive thanks and photo credits to the awesome Dave Taylor.  A selection of shots can be seen on the website's photo page.  More coming soon... 

As if that wasn't enough for you beautiful people, we've added some fan footage from the Lounge 666 Arcane Militia gig.  Thanks to the members of our growing militia for the videos.  Hit the video tab to check em out.

AM NEWS - 20 May 2016

Arcane Militia's next gig is booked.  Arcane Militia will be playing the Legendary Chinnerys in Southend-on-Sea on 29 July 2016. Rock on the seafront.  What could be more appropriate??  For those of you who missed out on the spectacular Lounge 666 show, now's your chance to see what all the fuss is about.